About Us

With a combined sales & marketing experience of our 20 years we know what it takes to sell a business. After all, we have been there and done that.

Having sold a few businesses of our own, using the traditional high street agents, we soon realised that they took away a large percentage of the sale as commission. Vowing to never let that happen to us or anyone else again, we decided to launch our very own marketing platform.

We don’t charge an upfront fee, we don’t tie you in to a twelve-month contract, and we certainly don’t charge a commission. Yet we advertise exactly in the same way and places as traditional agents.

All you need to do, is register for free, upload all your details, then choose how long you want to be marketed for. You only pay for the months you market. All enquiries will be emailed directly to you, and you can handle who views your business and when. When you’ve sold, simply deactivate your account and your free to enjoy your free time. No commission, no hidden charges.

Our aim, no more commission.